About Orange Grocer

It has been a marvelous journey for us since 2007, and we at Orange Grocer are so blessed to be a part of one of the largest grocers online. Our company was initially built because we wanted to serve foreign-immigrants a taste of home with authentic ingredients, especially the ones that are very difficult to acquire in the USA. Time can be put in a bottle, this is so true… a small bottle of chili-sauce that reminds someone’s childhood can truly do wonders! We wanted prospective customers to roll out their 10-15 minutes online experience on our website with a shopping cart crammed with flavors of home. The goal is so that every customer can create a feast fit for royalty with spices and food items from our online superstore, especially when our international choices allow them to experience culinary delights from all over the world without ever crossing the ocean.

The first ten years were about bootstrapping the demands of our Asian network in the USA, specifically procuring the hard-to-find ethnic merchandise from all over the world. The increase in demand for online ethnic groceries directly reflects the increase in minority populations. We were responding to these population shifts, in an effort to test the country’s appetite and tap into the booming online-market segment. While some doubted that connecting the ethnic world outside our homelands was actually important, we were actually building one- from scratch! While others doubted that our business would be sustainable, the faith of our customers actually helped forming lasting connections. That’s why we are even more excited about the next decades than the last. It is a good challenge that we need to stay on top of emerging trends in markets, listen to our customers, and do everything we can to source niche products they are constantly pining for. Orange Grocer is eternally grateful for our customers, vendors, team-members, and everyone else who have been very supportive through all these years. It’s been amazing to see the way our business helped us build a real solid online-community. Thank you so much for being a part of our journey. We are grateful for your support during this severely stressful time – let’s begin a long lasting relationship – today!